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DarwIN Shrewsbury Festival


This February, we will celebrate our intrinsic links to Darwin with a festival like never before – a full-on DarwIN Shrewsbury Festival of discovery.

From free guided tours to brainteasing lectures and dance performances – join in the host of interactive events being staged in and around the town.

The DarwIN Shrewsbury Festival is organised with the help of Croud Digital Marketing, Friends of the Museum, Jon King, Morris and Company, Royal Society of Biology, Severn Rivers Trust, Shrewsbury BID, Shrewsbury Heritage, Shrewsbury Unitarian Trust, Shrewsbury Town Council, Shropshire Council, Shropshire Wildlife Trust.

All Festival Events

From free guided tours to brainteasing lectures and dance performances – join in the host of interactive events being staged in and around the town.

This two and a half week programme is the first of its kind and cements Shrewsbury’s rightful position as not only the birthplace of Charles Darwin but the inspiration behind his independent thinking which went on to the change the story of evolution around the world.

Shropshire Young Thinkers’ Competition

This evening event forms the kick off for a reimagined DarwIN Shrewsbury Festival taking place from February 8th until 25th with a raft of new and exciting activities planned.

This first event promises to be a spellbinding and emotional journey into the creative minds of the region's...

Evolution of Dance

A Talk and Workshop with Maggie Love.

Shrewsbury is home to one of the most influential British Dancing Master’s.

Come to this talk and find out more about his work and the development and history of Dance in the Western World.

Maggie’s career has included West End...

Free Guided tours of Darwin’s childhood in Shrewsbury

Meet @ St Chad's on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (9th, 10th, 11th, 16th, 17th, 18th) during the DarwIN Shrewsbury Festival for a FREE guided tour.

Knowledgable tour guides will tell you all about Charles Darwin's childhood in Shrewsbury and the parts of the town that inspired him to think...

Darwin memorial lecture “I, the Geologist”: Charles Darwin’s first career

Charles Darwin first became known in the scientific world as a promising young geologist. This gave him the intellectual framework for much of his biological work.

In this illustrated lecture Prof. Rudwick describes what Darwin did in his first career: from his earliest geological...

Darwin’s birthday toast and tour with local Darwin expert Jon King

Jon King has spent a significant amount of time researching the history of Darwin and his time in Shrewsbury.

Jon was a part of those that began the Darwin Festival with the signature toast on Darwin's birthdy every year on the 12th of February.

The Evolution of Place Branding: A Darwinian Perspective

Places have increasingly been treated as brands that can be marketed. Prof. Gary Warnaby from Manchester Metropolitan's Institute of Place Management will share his views and research in the area with a specific focus on the use of famous residents such as Charles Darwin to build the reputation...

The Evolution of Education Conference

Current practices in education are still often designed to prepare citizens for the industrial age, rather than for the needs and demands of the fourth industrial revolution. Educators who prepare students to solve predetermined problems are harking back to a world where stability, certainty,...

/R/Evolution @ Work - Virtual Reality and Digital Innovation Workshop

Virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are fundamentally changing the way we live and work. More than 200 years on from the birth of resident and independent thinker Charles Darwin, join Shrewsbury-based digital agency Croud to experience these and other innovations at...

Opening of Centre for Research in Environmental Science and Technology

Join the team to mark the occasion of the launch of the newest research centre at the University Centre Shrewsbury.

A presentation of how the centre will support research and innovation in Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin. A fantastic networking opportunity for businesses to find out...

The Royal Society of Biology: Charles Darwin: the man, the myth, the legend....

Over the past 150 years, Charles Darwin has become one of the most well-recognised icons of science. His veneration has led some less charitable commentators to challenge his role or achievements.

This event will explore what contributions Charles Darwin made to evolutionary thought, how...

'Unlocking the Severn' talk by The Severn Rivers Trust

Unlocking the Severn is the largest river restoration of its kind in Europe, and it is happening on the UK's longest river.

Hear about this five-year project to reopen the Severn to all fish. Having grown up in Shrewsbury as a young naturalist, Darwin would have been aware of the...

Wild about Dinosaurs

Grab a magnifying glass and experience the fascinating world of palaeontology – search for dinosaur bones and fossils.

Find inspiration to design and create your very own dinosaur fossil. Travel back in time and create the perfect mini habitat for your dinosaur friends. A fun packed day...

Avian Populations and Climate Change Lecture

Join Dr Huw Lloyd, Senior Lecturer in Wildlife Ecology at Manchester Metropolitan University at the Shrewsbury Unitarian Church for this FREE lecture on 'Avian Populations and Climate Change'.

The lecture will examine how climate has influenced avian evolution and ecology in the past,...

#iamshropshire – Evolving panoramic perspectives on Darwin’s Shrewsbury

The landscape and people of Shrewsbury helped to shape the mind of the young Charles Darwin.

His revolutionary perspective has shaped the way we see the world. Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery has invited young people aged 14-25 to respond to the many panoramic landscape paintings in...

Brick History. LEGO at The Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery

Walk through history in bricks as LEGO© enthusiast Warren Elsmore returns to Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery with his touring exhibition, Brick History, on Friday 9 February 2018.

Brick History takes you on a journey through pivotal moments in world history, modelled in LEGO© bricks...

Darwin Cruise

Enjoy a Darwin themed cruise as Sabrina transforms into The Beagle, ready for a voyage through Charles Darwin's life.

On board you will be able to purchase Darwin inspired merchandise.

Please book through the Sabrina Boat website.

Darwin Guided Walk from the Visitor Information Centre

Join one of our Visitor Information Centre guides exploring Shrewsbury and the places associated with Charles Darwin.

Please note that these tours are longer tham the free tours available during the festival but are longer and available throughout the year.

Book at Shrewsbury...