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Places to eat in Shrewsbury

Bread, still warm, made with flour from a watermill a few miles away in the Shropshire countryside. Decadent dining in restaurant rooms that pre-date the Wars of the Roses.

Cobbled streets packed with quirky places to eat, cool cafés and one-off delis. Bars and restaurants that you’ll be happy to head to for classic cocktails and the best beers. You’ll find all you’re after in Shrewsbury.


With French restaurants and fine fish dishes, Asian meets European cuisine and the best of British, there are dozens of reasons to dine out in Shrewsbury.

Delis and supermarkets

If you’re in need of groceries or delicious treats, there are plenty of options in town - from small supermarkets to one-off delis.

Visitor information

Open space where you can slow the pace. Historic places with famous steps to retrace. Discover heritage and culture in Shropshire and make sure Shrewsbury’s your base.

After Hours magazine

Feel like filling a night out? This is your guide to Shrewsbury After Hours. From happy hours to the best deals on dinner, where to go for the latest cinema screenings plus places to retreat to sleep.

Cafes and tearooms

Morning tea to get you moving. Afternoon tea taken as time out from a busy day. From fine fruit teas and tea that’s traditionally English to seriously good coffees, hot chocolates and smoothies.

Fast food and takeaway

Fast and reasonably priced food comes from some great settings all across town. There are Asian take-aways, traditional fish and chip shops and a McDonald’s that holds the title of being the oldest building in the world to house the restaurant chain.

Meet Shrewsbury

Meet Shrewsbury

Meet the characters, the faces, the places - people of Shrewsbury, the life of this town.

Bars and pubs

If you like to listen to new music in very old venues and mix mojitos in cool cocktail lounges, then you really will be spoilt for choice for original night-time finds in Shrewsbury. Across town there are mixologists and talented bartenders waiting to take your order.

Lunch on the go

Create your own takeaway from Shrewsbury’s collection of one-off producers and delis. St. Alkmund’s Square by Bear Steps is a handy picnic spot and there are lots of spots along the river in the Quarry and in the flower-filled Dingle.

Evening entertainment

Whether you want to raise the roof in a bar or raise a glass before a live show, there is entertainment to suit all tastes. Daytime entertainment includes boat trips and art activities. Night time includes live comedy and classic films.


Shrewsbury has got its own original version of bright lights and late nights. Whether it’s listening to live music in a bar or owning the dance floor, you’ll find it all here in a real mix of one-off venues.

Sweet treats and indulgent pick-me-ups

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a tempting treat from one of Shrewsbury's picture perfect cafes. Sample Parisien inspired crepes, homemade cakes and traditional teas.

East meets west

Escape the ennui of the everyday with a dose of the exotic. Sample cuisine from the most extraordinary parts of the world, minus the flight time. Take your taste buds to Nepal, Thailand or the Pacific Rim.


Here is just a flavour of why Shrewsbury is the original one-off.