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Free Guided tours of Darwin’s childhood in Shrewsbury

Meet @ St Chad's on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (9th, 10th, 11th, 16th, 17th, 18th) during the DarwIN Shrewsbury Festival for a FREE guided tour.

Knowledgeable tour guides will tell you all about Charles Darwin's childhood in Shrewsbury and the parts of the town that inspired him to...


Darwin Cruise

Enjoy a Darwin themed cruise as Sabrina transforms into The Beagle, ready for a voyage through Charles Darwin's life.

On board you will be able to purchase Darwin inspired merchandise.

Please book through the Sabrina Boat website.

Sabrina boat is a passenger boat on the River Severn in Shrewsbury and sets sail from Victoria Quay, next to the Welsh Bridge.


Darwin Guided Walk from the Visitor Information Centre

Join one of our Visitor Information Centre guides exploring Shrewsbury and the places associated with Charles Darwin.

Please note that these tours are longer tham the free tours available during the festival but are longer and available throughout the year.

Book at Shrewsbury...


Darwin’s birthday toast and tour with local Darwin expert Jon King

Jon King has spent a significant amount of time researching the history of Darwin and his time in Shrewsbury.

Jon was a part of those that began the Darwin Festival with the signature toast on Darwin's birthday every year on the 12th of February.


Heritage Open Days - Bear Steps Renovation, The beginning of 50 years of conservation work for Shrewsbury Civic Society

An Exhibition --- Celebrating our 50 years of Conservation work in Shrewsbury

A group of cottages in a bad state of repair were due for demolition when The Civic Society in the 1970's stepped in under the chairmanship of Sir George Trevelyan.

Bear Steps renovation featured a...

Bear Steps Gallery

Heritage Open Days - Shropshire Theatre Organ Trust Wurlitzer

The Shropshire Theatre Organ Trust will be hosting the Heritage Open Day event at The Buttermarket in Shrewsbury, a grade 2 listed building and former Butter Market.

We will have organists on hand playing our 1936 Mighty Wurlitzer theatre organ ex Ritz Cinema, Chatham, Kent, which is the...

The Buttermarket

Heritage Open Days - Lord Hill’s Column

Lord Hill's Column is a magnificent Doric Column (47.5m) with 172 cantilevered spiral stairs leading to a platform with views over the beautiful county of Shropshire. An introduction to the life of General Rowland, Lord Hill is given before parties of up to 14 people ascend each half hour. The...

Lord Hill’s Column

Civic Day

It’s a day celebrated nationally to say “I care about where I live”.

In Shrewsbury, there will be lots of events with a focus on Conservation and the town's heritage. The day will be bigger than last year and complement the Shrewsbury Carnival .

Activites include:

Bear Steps

Bookfest Remembers the First World War

In partnership with the Imperial War Museum and the Shropshire First World War Community Consortium Shrewsbury Bookfest is presenting a series of events each November from 2014 to 2018.

These events will be especially for children, young people and families to commemorate and remember...

University Centre Shrewsbury is a distinctive institution, focused on high-quality teaching and research, fostering entrepreneurship, contributing to the community and, ultimately, making a global impact.

Lecture - 'The Stained-Glass of Margaret Agnes Rope'

Dr Claire Fitzgerald of Warwick University is giving a free lecture inside Shrewsbury Cathedral in front of the huge stained-glass windows by Margaret Rope that can be found there. The talk is in the afternoon, to ensure the windows can be seen in full light - and all are welcome! Dr Fitzgerald...

The Church was designed by Edward Pugin the son of Augustus Pugin and was completed in 1856. The building was paid for by Bertram, Earl of Shrewsbury who died three months before it was completed. It was he who chose the dedication and wished to take the name of Shrewsbury.