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West Mercia force area consists of five territorial policing areas, which together make up one of the largest geographic police areas in England and Wales. Seeking to strike a balance between local and national priorities, the force focuses on three priority areas; serving, protecting the public and making the difference. West Mercia police have helped to ensure low levels of crime by investing in local policing and developing effective partnerships with local authorities, criminal justice agencies and the wider community.

Itasca Consulting Ltd specialises in providing microseismic monitoring of rock masses and concrete structures, particularly applied to Petroleum, Shale Gas, Geothermal Energy, Mining, Radioactive Waste storage, Carbon Dioxide storage, Civil Engineering and Laboratory Testing industries. Services are targeted at supplying an integrated work package along the full data path through sensor array design, data acquisition, processing and interpretation. Itasca Consulting Ltd works at all scales; from laboratory and acoustic emissions monitoring to regional seismic monitoring.