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Places to see and things to do in Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury is full of finds to be discovered during your visit – a blockbuster in a Tudor cinema, a sell-out Folk Festival and the world’s oldest Flower Show. By foot or by boat, the River Severn is a must, as is the café culture, the castle and the churches that dominate Shrewsbury's famous skyline. Learn more about one-off attractions, activities and things to do in Shrewsbury and Shropshire.

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Open space where you can slow the pace. Historic places with famous steps to retrace. Discover heritage and culture in Shropshire and make sure Shrewsbury’s your base.

The origins of Darwin

The father of evolution, Charles Darwin was born and raised in Shrewsbury. Before attending Edinburgh and Cambridge University and sailing on the HMS Beagle, Darwin fished for newts in the River Severn and studied rocks in the Quarry Park.

Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery

The very, very old sits alongside the brand spanking new in Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery, which reopened earlier in 2014 year following a £10.5 million restoration project.

Old Market Hall

Built in 1596, Shrewsbury's iconic Old Market Hall was lovingly restored and re-opened as a contemporary cinema and cafe bar in 2004. The intimate 81-seat cinema screens a diverse programme of independent film, classics, world cinema, documentaries, and popular releases.


The very very old, sits along side the very very new.

The Quarry Park

Petals, picnics and park runs. Festivals and family fun on the river. The 29-acre parkland, known as The Quarry, has been where people in Shrewsbury go to relax since the 16th century.

Severn Bridges

A town that is looped by a river is always going to have plenty of bridges and inevitably water levels are a hot topic. The biggest are the English and Welsh bridges which are gateways into town.


Historic towns packed with independent, one-off shops. Mile after mile of captivating countryside. Food and drink that you'll want to travel for. 

Theatre Severn

Theatre Severn rises high above the river so you can take in the views of the town over a pre-performance glass of wine or G and T.

Monuments and Statues

Built to commemorate Shrewsbury’s most famous faces and memorable historical figures, our monuments and statues are placed in prominent places across the town centre.

Four Churches

Four churches give Shrewsbury its famous skyline: st Mary's, St Alkmund's, St Chad's and Shrewsbury Cathedral.

Face of Shrewsbury's Trade

Two collections of photographs capture continuity and change in Shrewsbury's independent shops over 125 years. Taken by Victorian businessman, Joseph Della Porta and local photographer Paola Alessandri-Gray.

Must-do festivals

Of course Shrewsbury's love of the original and one-off extends to festivals and events. There's a calendar packed with everything from Darwin's school days to cartoons and caricatures from all over the world.

Shrewsbury Castle and Shropshire Regimental Museum

Weapons, medals and uniforms from the 18th century to the present day sit within the ancient, red sandstone walls, which tower above the town.


Here is just a flavour of why Shrewsbury is the original one-off.

Press reviews of Shrewsbury

Read some of the things that journalists have to say about Shrewsbury, the original one-off.


Wandering around the wonders of Shrewsbury is one of the best ways to see the sites. Meet up with Shrewsbury’s team of tour guides for an expert amble or take a trip on the Sabrina Boat to see the town from a different point of view.


If you like to listen to live music then Shrewsbury has plenty of original venues to try.

River Severn

Shrewsbury is scooped up into a loop of the River Severn - giving the town its one-off shape

Famous Faces

Shrewsbury's famous faces add their own story to the town. Charles Darwin was born in Shrewsbury in 1809 and is certainly the town's most famous son.

The Dana Prison

The Victorian HMP Shrewsbury was built in 1868, replacing a prison which had been on the site since 1793. The Dana Prison offer the ‘world’s most interactive prison tours’, with ex-Prison Officers acting as guides.


See some of Shrewsbury’s people, places and personalities come to life on screen.