The Country Wife

Sat, 24th Jun 2017

Rooftop Theatre present


A fruity restoration comedy involving cross dressing and fine china.

Spreading the rumour of your impotency may not seem to be the best strategy to get your wicked way with the opposite sex, but this is exactly what Harry Horner decides to do. This is just as Mr Pinchwife is introducing his guileless new country wife to fashionable city society, believing her rustic plainness will protect her from any male advances.

This frantic comedy bursts into life with its wit and innuendo, building layer upon layer of farcical action and situations.

Just one of the cinemas, venues and theatres in Shrewsbury, Theatre Severn is, according to comedian Jason Manford, "easily one of the top 5 theatres in the country". The impressive Theatre Severn rises high above the river so you can take in the views of the town over a pre-performance glass of