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Shropshire playwright, Joan Shirley, brings this image into the 21st century by creating a character called Gareth, a 50-year-old Welsh psychiatrist.

His life is stressful as he moves between two women. One, his wife Lucy, 45 and unhappy about the onset of middle age, but Gareth accepts the inevitability of it. He meets the second, Rachel, in his office. She is there for legal reasons and Gareth needs to assess her emotional state. Unlike Lucy, Rachel is very secure, strong and successful. Her strength seems impenetrable but Gareth persists in his efforts to winkle out the truth.

Rachel and Lucy (against Protocol) form a friendship and Rachel in turn, helps Lucy through her crisis.


The Wightman is a multi purpose venue that hosts a rich variety of events, including arts, exhibitions, concerts and productions. Originally the site of the Fox Inn, the hall was established by Julia Wightman, a leading Temperance advocate in the 19th century.