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Valhalla - Life and Death in Viking Age Britain


An exciting exhibition that brings together key Viking burial findings, objects that explore everyday life in Britain 1,000 years ago, and the latest archaeological research techniques. 'Valhalla - Life and Death in Viking Age Britain' is a touring exhibition by The JORVIK Group and York Archaeological Trust.

Visitors to the exhibition will be able to:

  • Discover significant artefacts from excavations in York, including two Viking-age skeletons that were recently unearthed in the city.
  • Learn how remains found in excavations can reveal the way Vikings commemorated and celebrated their dead using pagan boat burials, grave goods and ornately carved headstones.
  • Explore evidence from York and Shropshire, including the burials of a woman and a man and objects that relate to everyday life in Viking-age Britain.
  • Experience a special hands-on children's area the world where puppetry and play encourages you to find out about Norse myths and sagas.

New pathological research conducted by York Osteoarchaeology on the two skeletons found in York tells visitors more about the person and when they were alive. Studies of wear and tear, scarring, breaks and other marks on bones, as well as dental remains, reveal information about the life they led, what sort of activities they were involved in and whether they were rich or poor.

As well as examining aspects of life in Viking-Age Shropshire the exhibition includes an interactive area for young visitors who can discover the sagas and tales of the Viking Gods as well as being able to write their name in runes and create their own Viking God.

The learning team at Shropshire Council's museums service will be offering a schools' workshop session to help children explore Shropshire's Viking history. This hands-on artefact enquiry session, involving costume and role-play, will help children to discover who the raiders were, why they came, how they fought and what they believed.

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