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St Alkmund's Church

St Alkmunds Square Shrewsbury SY1 1UH

At the heart of the historic and beautiful town of Shrewsbury, founded about the year 900, stands the church of St Alkmund which celebrated its 1100th anniversary in 2012. There's a lot going for this town centre church, not least its reputation for the friendliness of the welcome given to its many visitors.

St Alkmund's Church stands at the highest point in the town of Shrewsbury. The structure that stands today is part mediaeval and part Georgian. The tower and spire (56 metres high) was built about 1475 in the Perpendicular style. It forms one of the five notable buildings that make the skyline of Shrewsbury so unforgettably interesting. The poet A.E.Housman immortalised this view in his words: "High the vanes of Shrewsbury gleam islanded in Severn stream".

St Alkmund's is open every day of the year from about 0930 to 1600 in winter and 1700 in summer. Visitors are always made very welcome.